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  Innovative for your own product


Nordic mindset -
Our Company with its international staff and collective experience in the field considers an open mindset to be a crucial element of success and customer satisfaction. Difficulties are viewed as a challenge and a welcome opportunity for improvement if analyzed and communicated openly and with focus on cooperation.

Communication and trustworthiness is not only a part of good customer service but also needs to extend to internal processes and working conditions. Electroline has put great emphasis on quality, safety & equipment, training, working conditions and various social responsibility related aspects of production and will continue to do so parallel with the development of our business together with our valued customers.

Electroline Ltd was founded in 1993 with headquarters in Hong Kong. Electroline operates its own lighting factory in Jiangmen (China) and leads professional teams to ensure quality & sourcing for customers. 

Electroline is a full service provider – from visual design and skilled engineering, to effective sourcing and manufacturing, tooling, certifications and quality management, with support of marketing and stylish packaging solutions. With the help of our 200 dedicated colleagues in the factory, engineers, logistics staff, Hong Kong and European sales we can provide a suitable solution to customer from idea level to good quality product on the shelf.

ElineODM is the R&D section of Electroline which is fully owned by privately held Swedish investment conglomerates Sunnex Lighting.